ICYMI: Off-Beat Business

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You’ve see the headlines, read the front pages and checked out the business section. But In Case You Missed It, here’re a few, under-the-radar business stories you might have overlooked.

Taller Towers Expected in Midtown
Midtown Manhattan could be home to a few new skyscrapers, BusinessWeek reports. A new zoning plan could mean more skyscrapers in Midtown East, which would attract companies that have been opting for offices in financial capitals like London and Tokyo instead.

New York Tech Companies Could Settle in Brooklyn
The city could attract more than 17,000 tech jobs if an expansion plan in Brooklyn pans out, according to the New York Observer. Local businesses are proposing a tech triangle connecting Downtown Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Navy Yard and DUMBO. The availability of office spaces in the Downtown Brooklyn area alone rivals that of the entire city of Phoenix, the paper reports.

Denny's Looks to New York for Spaghetti and Meatballs Recipe
National restaurant chain Denny's visited Brooklyn for some help refining its recipe for spaghetti and meatballs, the New York Post reports. The chain, which doesn't have any locations in the city, is already offering the dish on its menu, but wants to make sure it's as authentic as it can be for $8.69.

Illegal Transplant Kidney Broker Sentenced
A Brooklyn resident has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison for selling kidneys to desperate transplant patients, each for $120,000 or more, reports the Brooklyn Eagle.  The kidneys came from donors in Israel who were paid $10,000 each.

$60 for an Hour of Cuddling
The healing power of human touch could earn one business owner a decent living. For $60, customers get a full hour of cuddling, New York Metro reports. But it's unclear whether the expense can be considered by health plans as a form of therapy.