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Friday, July 13, 2012

Virginie Ledoyen, left, stars as Gabrielle de Polignac and Diane Kruger, right, stars as Marie Antoinette in Benoit Jacquot’s “Farewell, My Queen,” a Cohen Media Group release (Photo credit: Carole Bethuel. Courtesy of Cohen Media Group)

MSNBC host Chris Hayes discusses his new book, Twilight of the Elites. Then the director and star of “Farewell, My Queen” talk about the film, which examines the relationship between Marie Antoinette and one of her readers during the French Revolution. We’ll find out about the life and work of composer Raymond Scott, subject of the film “Deconstructing Dad.” Plus, this week’s Please Explain is all about artificial sweeteners like Splenda, Sweet’N Low, and Equal.

Twilight of the Elites

Christopher Hayes argues that Americans have historically low levels of trust in their institutions—from Wall Street to Congress, the Catholic Church to corporate America and even Major League Baseball. In Twilight of the Elites he makes the case that the meritocracy are to blame for our current crisis. He describes how he thinks leaders have lost touch with the people they have been trusted to lead.

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“Farewell My Queen”

Director Benoit Jacquot discusses “Farewell My Queen,” along with Diane Kruger, who plays Marie Antoinette in the film. Based on the best-selling novel by Chantal Thomas, it captures the final days of the court of Marie Antoinette, just before the full-scale outbreak of the Revolution. “Farewell My Queen” opens July 13 at Lincoln Plaza and Angelika Film Center.

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"Deconstructing Dad"

Stan Warnow discusses his documentary "Deconstructing Dad: The Music, Machines and Mystery of Raymond Scott," which explores the life and work of American composer, bandleader, inventor, and electronic music pioneer, Raymond Scott. Though not well remembered today, Scott was one of the most prolific and central figures in 20th-century music. “Deconstructing Dad” opens July 13 at the Quad.

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Please Explain: Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are thought to be a billion dollar industry. On today's Please Explain, Dr. Maudene Nelson director of Community Outreach at Columbia University Institute of Human Nutrition, talks about how these non-sugars work. We'll find out about artificial sweeteners and low- and no-calorie sugar substitutes like aspartame, saccharin, and sucralose and why they still taste sweet on the tongue.

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Guest Picks: Chris Hayes

MSNBC host Chris Hayes was on the Lopate Show to explain why Americans are more skeptical of our national institutions than ever. He also told us what his favorite comfort food is -- it sounds so good, it might be ours now, too!


Tributes: Marion Cunningham

Marion Cunningham spent the first half of her life raising two children and struggling with agoraphobia. In the second half of her life, she encouraged home cooks to embrace the joys of the kitchen. Along the way, she gained devotees who became friends, among them, James Beard, Judith Jones, Ruth Reichl, and Alice Waters. She’s best known for updating The Fannie Farmer Cookbook, and for her own popular Learning to Cook. Marion Cunningham recently died at the age of 90. You can listen to her conversation with Leonard in May of 1999 about Learning to Cook.


Guest Picks: Janet Groth

Janet Groth was on the Lopate Show recently to talk about her 2 decades working at The New Yorker. She also told us that she's fan of popcorn -- as long as it's made her way. Find out what else she's a fan of!


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