What's Going On Under There?

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Who: Gabrielle

Where: Leroy Street and 7th Avenue, NYC

What are you listening to right now?

I’m listening to a podcast. It’s called The JV Club. There’s a comedian named Janet Varney and she interviews female comedians about their adolescence.

Are you a comedian yourself?

No, just a fan of comedy.

And how did you find out about that podcast?

I'm real deep at this point in the world of listening to comedy podcasts. All the people seem to all be on each others’ podcasts. You get one, you get the whole set.

Sounds kind of incestuous. Is this a regular podcast that you subscribe to?

I just started listening to it actually this morning, so this is the first one I’ve ever listened to. I wish I was listening to something cooler. If I’d known you guys were going to say that, I would have lied and said something really hip.

What do you wish you were listening to right now? What would be really cool?

Honestly, this iPod is all like Ke$ha. It's garbage. I’m too old. I’m not cool anymore.

Well, what’s the coolest thing that you have on there at this moment?

Oh god. Um. What is the coolest thing I could have lied to you about listening to? [Scrolls through iPod] This is terrible. My musical taste has really gone downhill. Um... the new Fiona Apple album! That was pretty cool. There, I could have lied to you about listening to that. That would’ve been a great lie.

That would’ve been a good one. Did you buy that album?

Oh yeah. I’m a big fan.

Have you been a fan of hers for awhile?

Yeah! I was a fan of her when it was a lame and embarrassing thing to be a fan of. It was like a thing that people that hung out at the mall were into when I was a teenager, and I just stuck with it and now it’s really hip. I don’t know.

Good for you. Is that the most recent thing you’ve purchased?

I mean, that just came out the other day. I just turned 30 and I’m turning into an old fart who only buys older music that I remember from when I was a teenager. So... that’s been my story lately.

I don’t think 30 means you’re an old fart... yet.

I think I’m not an old fart in other ways, but I’ve noticed in the music way is the incipient old fart-ism where I’m like, what the hell are you kids listening to? This is noise! This is garbage! Chillwave... I don’t even know.

Music is the first thing to go.

That’s what everyone’s been telling me. Music is the first thing to go... and then before I know it, I’m gonna be like, “my knees!”


(Edited from an interview conducted on Friday, June 29, 2012. Photo by Amy Pearl.)