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Field Trip: Lightwalk

If you missed your chance in December to wander around Soho with Leni Schwendinger, an artist and designer who works with light, well you are lucky - you have another shot.

Fireworks, the Big Apple dropping, the stream of blurry streetlights outside the cab window as you're trying your best not to hurl... Much of our experience of New Years Eve is framed by how we illuminate the cityscape. But how often do we pause to think about the design choices that go into lighting New York? Well, now you get a (second) chance. In December, Leni schwendinger, an artist and designer who works with light in the urban public realm, led a group around Soho on a "lightwalk." If you missed out on that, then don't miss an opportunity to hear her insights while checking out the illuminated built  environment around bryant park on January 12th. Join Leni for an evening walk around one of NYC's premiere winter spaces, Bryant Park—to explore the secrets of nighttime lighting from its atmospheres and forms to its techniques and symbols.