Robert Moses : The Rebuilding of New York

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Thursday, March 19, 1953

This episode is from the WNYC archives. It may contain language which is no longer politically or socially appropriate.

Address by Robert Moses, Commissioner of Parks. He is speaking to members of Local 3 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

Discusses improvements needed in the city, and what it will take to push through these types of projects. With any such project some people will be unhappy or inconvenienced, etc. He notes "You can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs."
About 50,000 people have to be accommodated during these arterial improvements, they will be paid cash to move or, if they qualify, will be provided with public housing.

The parking problem will never be solved unless they go in for street metering to finance parking garages. Without a solution the city will be choked with congestion.

Moses mentions investigations being made by Albany, he believes that things that happened thirty years ago don't matter.

New York will not become a ghost town, it will remain at the forefront of American cities.


Audio courtesy of the NYC Municipal Archives WNYC Collection


WNYC archives id: 6004


Robert Moses

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u can easily trace the downfall of the n.y. metro area to the blasphemous treatment of this unique man disowned by the stupid albany and the pussillaminous pipsqueaks of the nassau county planning commission who rejected the badly needed rye oyster bay bridge for the siren song of the post menupasual slut jane jacobs and the geriatric weasel robert caro so now after decades of criminal neglect by the stupid state of n.y. gee whiz when was the last time the stupid state even built a major monumental bridge need a hint ?! how about when the beatles came to shea stadium for their world tour this is a malfeaisance on a scale unheard of in modern times and now this metro area is the infrastructural toilet bowl of america congradulations the post menupasual slut and the geraitric weasel robert caro have led u stooges into a swamp so now u can extricate yourself try to repair the losers paradise u have degenerated into since that great bridge which would have revolutionized your geriatric lackluster futureless regional econ. thanks to the judas iscariot albany your coffers have forfeited billions of $$$$$$$$$ just in toll revenues alone not to mention the incredible boon to tourism all the way thru new eng. did these stupid benighted hypocritical stooges in wasted west. county look u killed the goose that laid the golden egg oh throw in 40000 permanent prestigious transgenerational good paying jobs and u begin to see how the stupid state of n.y. has committed econ. and socio econ. suicide!thankfully i bolted your stupid state in 1993 for the west coast of fla. where by the way i have paid zero taxes in the past 2 decades not a dime ! ahh to escape the vulturine taxes of the garbage barge state remember 1987 and that stink,in barge docked in gravesend bay brooklyn that is the most suitable accurate picture of your stupid state this notorious barge,s picture should be superimposed on every lisence plate in your backward futureless state.what berrnie madoff was to finance and fiscal integrity the stupid state of n.y. is to infrastructure and job creation!

Dec. 31 2012 07:43 PM

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