Gig Alert: Deleted Scenes

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Deleted Scenes
"The Days of Adderall"
Playing on Friday at Rock Shop
(249 4th Avenue, Park Slope, Brooklyn)
Get: Tickets ($8-$10) | Directions 

The Washington D.C. indie-pop quartet Deleted Scenes released its first EP in 2007, 12 years after its members met in grade school. Bandmembers Dominic Campanaro (guitar, keyboars, samples), Matt Dowling (bass, keyboards), Brian Hospital (drums) and Daniel Scheuerman (guitar, vocals) followed up that effort with its acclaimed full-length debut Birdseed Shirt in 2009 and last fall’s LP, Young People’s Church of the Air.

The group’s singles off the sophomore effort, “Bedbedbedbedbed” and “The Days of Adderall” (which is available for download above) highlight an attention to balance and contrast. Both tunes juxtapose drums and samples with Scheuerman’s fuzzy, washed-out vocals. “The Days of Adderall,” in particular, seems to mirror the conflict between the busy-body tinkering that the attention-deficit-disorder drug is meant to curb with the sedative quality of a mood drug.

Listen to “The Days of Adderall” above, or check it out live when Deleted Scenes plays the Rock Shop on Friday night.

In the video below, Deleted Scenes gives its song “Baltika 9” the animated psychedelic collage treatment. 

Deleted Scenes "Baltika 9" from alice cohen on Vimeo.