The New Mick Jagger Bio

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For three days, the New York Daily News has been printing excerpts from Christopher Andersen’s new bio of the Rolling Stones’ frontman Mick Jagger.  While none of them are exceptionally long, I have to say that after reading all three in succession today, I am exhausted. 

And Mick Jagger must be in a constant state of exhaustion, if he is even half as libidinous as these excerpts claim.  Angelina Jolie,Carla Bruni (now the First Lady of France), and David Bowie are the subjects of the three excerpts, and in just a few short pages Andersen weaves a tangled web of equal-opportunity sexual dalliances, breaking marriages, and catfights. 

Longtime Stones’ fans will have heard many of these stories before.  Bowie and Jagger found in bed by Angie Bowie – that’s a golden oldie.  The rumors of Jagger chasing after Angelina Jolie were apparently also pretty widespread, though I have to say I missed them first time around.  So how much of this do you believe?  In the end, it probably doesn’t matter; people will thrill to the behind-the-curtain, under-the-sheets view of the implausibly colorful, unsavory life of the very rich and famous.  Though the image of Carla Bruni “spending time with” Donald Trump (who is quoted here) is enough to put me off my feed for a few hours.  (Wonder where hubbie Nicolas Sarkozy finds the ability to eat.)

Hopefully the book will have some mention, somewhere, of music; it is entirely possible that the Daily News just picked the juicy, headline-grabbing, newspaper-selling parts and that the rest of the book is an in-depth portrait of the man who has been at the epicenter of rock and Western culture for half a century. 

But just in case, this Thursday is the 50th anniversary of the first gig by the Rolling Stones and we’ll be looking back on what the band and their music have meant.  Watch this space…