American Former POW and Libyan Resistance Fighter on Saturday's National Election

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US national Matthew VanDyke holds his gun at the eastern front to the city Sirte on October 2, 2011.
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Over the weekend Libyans voted in the first free national elections since the demise of dictator Colonel Moammar Gaddafi. Their votes are now being counted and partial results are expected later this week.

During all the changes and turmoil in Libya last year, there's one guest we interviewed a number of times on the show. You may remember him: Matthew VanDyke.

Last year, VanDyke was captured by Gaddafi loyalists in Libya and held in solitary confinement for about six months before he escaped. VanDyke could have returned straight home to the United States, to pursue the career in journalism to which he was aspiring. But VanDyke decided to stay in Libya to fight alongside the opposition fighters he had been imprisoned with.

Matthew VanDyke did eventually come home, but he never lost his love for Libya or the Libyan people.