#3055: Ambitious Solo Piano Works

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For this New Sounds, we'll hear new music for solo piano, including Michael Byron's monumental work, written for the brave pianist Joseph Kubera - the exotic and long-form "Dreamers Of Pearl."  From it, we’ll hear the second part, "A Bird Revealing the Unknown to the Sky."

Also, we’ll visit Michael Harrison's "Revelation," a major work for harmonic piano in the alternate tuning system known as "just intonation."  Plus, hear selections from the "Time-Curve Preludes," a huge post-minimalist work by William Duckworth.  There is also a short work for starters by Francois Couturier, "Un jour si blanc," inspired by a film-maker Andrei Tarkovsky, and the poem, "A White Day."  "Un jour si blanc" is the title track from a new ECM recording of solo piano pieces that tip their hat to Bach, Debussy, or old jazz standards.


PROGRAM #3055, works for solo piano (First aired on 3/25/2010)





Francois Couturier

Un jour si blanc

Un jour si blanc [6:00]

ECM #2103**
www.ecmrecords.com *

William Duckworth

The Time Curve Preludes

Excerpts [12:00]

Lovely Music #2031
www.lovely.com *

Michael Byron

Dreamers of Pearl

A Bird Revealing the Unknown to the Sky [17:00]

New World #80679. www.newworldrecords.org *

Michael Harrison

Revelation: for Harmonically Tuned Piano

Night Vigil [3:00] Tone Cloud II [9:00]

Cantaloupe #21043** www.cantaloupemusic.com *