The Takeaway's Musical Road Trip: Brooklyn with Reggie Watts

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This summer, The Takeaway is embarking on a virtual road trip around the country to some of America’s greatest music cities. Our tour guides will include some of the most popular recording artists and experts from each town. And we want you to be a part of it. Call 877-8-MYTAKE to nominate the music city that you think should be a stop on our virtual road trip. Or write us at Facebook.

We’re kicking off the series today in the great city of Brooklyn, New York. Our tour guide will be one of our favorite comedians and musicians: Reggie Watts. Watts' second stand-up special, "Reggie Watts: A Live at Central Park" is now available on DVD and CD from Comedy Central Records. 

Bands featured on this stop of the road trip include: Le Sphinxx, They Might Be Giants, Chairlift, and of course, Reggie Watts.



We asked you who we should visit on our tour. Check out the map below to see what you, and everyone else, said.

Click here for a larger map.