Dirty Projectors 2012

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Composer Dave Longstreth first brought his band Dirty Projectors to Spinning On Air back in 2005. Now, seven years later, they're back in the studio to perform songs from their newest album, "Swing Lo Magellan." Longstreth has a very original musical mind. His songs have unusual shapes, and veer in unexpected directions. Voices rise, fall, and mesh intricately. The music is complex, yet it has an exciting impact. With these new songs, Dirty Projectors is also getting a bit more candid and revealing. 

David Garland talks with Longstreth and members of the group about the music, how they created it, and the ideas behind it. Longstreth (vocal, electric guitar, and piano) performs with bassist Nat Baldwin, singer/guitarist Amber Coffman, singer/percussionist Haley Dekle, singer/keyoardist Jenn Wasner, and drummer Mike Johnson.


Dirty Projectors "See What She Seeing" on WNYC's Spinning On Air