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Friday, July 06, 2012

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The jobs report for June comes out today. We’ll discuss how many are in the unemployment pool and what the new numbers mean for the economy and the presidential election. Plus: NYC Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe discusses recent trouble at the newly opened McCarren Pool; Star-Ledger editorial page editor, Tom Moran, discusses Roche’s departure from Nutley; a new documentary on the history of ACT UP; and how not to sabotage your vacation.

Breaking Down Today's Jobs Report

Quincy Krosby, Prudential financial market strategist and former U.S. representative at the I.M.F., discusses today's jobs report, the U.S. economy, and what it means for the 2012 election. And read our show prep - the jobs numbers we're trying to make sense of this morning.

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Taxes, Jobs and Nutley, New Jersey

Tom Moran, editorial page editor and columnist at The Star-Ledger, responds to the news that Roche is moving their plant away from Nutley, NJ and talks about the idea that low taxes are essential economic bait for companies.

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The History of the AIDS Activist Movement

Jim Hubbard, director of the new documentary "United In Anger: A History of ACT UP", talks about his new film and the legacy of the ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) grassroots movement.

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Open Phones: Weight and Responsibility

This week on ABC News Governor Chris Christie talked about his weight problem. At the same time, the soda industry began firing back against Mayor Bloomberg’s beverage size regulations. Is YOUR weight problem purely personal, or does the never-ending barrage of corporate temptation have something to do with it? Phones will be open for your stories about controlling temptation in a supersized world. Give us a call at 212-433-9692 or post here!

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Commissioner Benepe on the McCarren Pool

New York City Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe discusses the incidents at the newly opened McCarren Pool, takes calls from Williamsburg/Greenpoint residents, and puts pool violence in context.

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Vacation Sabotage

New York Times reporter Matt Richtel (and author of the forthcoming "Floodgate") talks about what he learned from an unsuccessful vacation about disconnecting and getting away.

Listeners: How do you get away? What are your rules for a relaxing vacation? Give us a call at 212-433-9692 or post here!

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Show Prep: Jobs Reports Highlights

The first Friday of each month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics ("the other BLS" as we like to say here at the BrianLehrerShow) releases the monthly jobs report. Here are some quick highlights from the report that we're keeping our eye on as we get ready to discuss it at 10am with Quincy Krosby. Read the full report for yourself here.

+ Topline Number, Weak Report: 80,000 jobs added, unemployment remains at 8.2% Estimates going in expected 150k or more jobs.

+ One important factor to watch are the revisions – the bureau of labor statistics is notorious for significant revisions. This time, revisions were mixed: April revised down by 11k, but May revised up by 8k.

+ Average of 75k jobs a month created over last 3 months. Some estimates are that economy would have to add almost three times that per month in order to complete the recovery over the next five years.

+ From Justin Wolfers: The public sector jobs bleed is petering out. We lost only 4k this month, after -28k last month.

+ Unemployment rates: adult men 7.8%; adult women 7.4%; teenagers 23.7%; whites 7.4% (unchanged from last month); blacks 14.4% (up almost 1% from last month) ; Hispanics 11.0%. Asians 6.3%.

+ From report: Among the marginally attached, there were 821,000 discouraged workers in June, a decline of 161,000 from a year earlier. Discouraged workers are persons not currently looking for work because they believe no jobs are available for them.

+ Via Nate Silver: The household survey shows +127K jobs per month in Q2, slightly better than +75K in the establishment survey. Why the discrepancy?

+ Tweet from Dan Gross: Kind of cute and charming how many smart econo-pundit types expect this jobs market will spur Bernanke to action. Gang, he's done.


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