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Pol’s Only Bills are Ones Taxpayers Get (NYPost)
Erik Kriss reports: “Indicted state Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. didn’t introduce a single bill last year while billing taxpayers for more per-diem travel expenses than most of his colleagues. Even with the three dead-end bills Boyland sponsored this year after vowing an aggressive agenda, his was the lowest legislative output in the 2011-12 session, according to a report released yesterday. The Brooklyn Democrat also missed 280 legislative votes this year, more than all but four of his Assembly colleagues — three of whom were running for Congress — and more than a quarter of all votes, the New York Public Interest Research Group report found.”

State Agencies Increased by 63 (Times Union)
Rick Karlin reports: “The state Authorities Budget Office, which oversees these entities, reported a net increase of 63 agencies under its purview during the past year, including the addition of 61 local development corporations to the list that the ABO oversees. LDCs are not-for-profit groups created to promote economic growth and support projects that will create jobs. Those projects can range from sports centers to factories to retail establishments.”

City Agency Admits Illegal Lobby Effort (WSJ)
Michael Howard Saul reports: “ New York City's economic-development agency and two related organizations admitted in a settlement Monday that they illegally lobbied the City Council on behalf of projects at the heart of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's redevelopment agenda. The concessions came after a three-year probe by the state attorney general's office. Investigators found that the Economic Development Corp. worked behind the scenes with the groups—called local development corporations—to nudge lawmakers to support projects in Willets Point in Queens and Coney Island in Brooklyn.”

Ex-Marine’s Family Files Lawsuit in Fatal Police Shooting in White Plains (NYT)
Chris Palmer reports: “The suit said that several White Plains police officers used an ‘unreasonable and unnecessary’ amount of force when they entered the apartment of the former Marine, Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., while responding to a medical distress call, and that the police officer who shot Mr. Chamberlain did so ‘without cause or justification.’”

Another Day, Another McCarren Park Pool Melee (Gothamist)
Joel Del Signore reports: “Pandemonium broke out yet again at the newly-reopened McCarren Park Pool, where a lifeguard was assaulted on Saturday. This afternoon's fracas happened around 5 p.m., and one witness, Evan Rose, tells us at least four people were arrested.”

Bus-drag Vic Nails MTA for $3M (NYP)
Three Post reporters write: “A Queens woman who was badly injured after being dragged by a city bus is getting $3 million from the MTA — which abruptly settled her lawsuit after a man responded to a blizzard of fliers seeking witnesses to the 2009 incident. ‘After three years, I couldn’t believe it,’ said Crystal Wright-Johnson, 32, about the 11th-hour appearance of witness Daniel Zorrilla, who supported her testimony about the terrifying incident in Far Rockaway.”

As the Sun Bears Down, Christie Growls, and Bloomberg Barks a Little, Too (NYT)
Michael Grynbaum reports: “It’s not just ice cream that’s melting down out there The region’s politicians, accustomed to running the world from climate-controlled capitols and S.U.V.’s, are being thrust into the sweltering streets by this record heat wave, handing out water, touring tree-strewn roads and assuring the sweaty public that cooler days and fully functioning power grids lie ahead. But beneath the blue blazers and oxford shirts, their tempers — along with the temperatures — are rising.”

This US Summer Is ‘What Global Warming Looks Like’ (AP)
Seth Borenstein reports: “Horrendous wildfires. Oppressive heat waves. Devastating droughts. Flooding from giant deluges. And a powerful freak wind storm called a derecho. These are the kinds of extremes climate scientists have predicted will come with climate change, although it's far too early to say that is the cause. Nor will they say global warming is the reason 3,215 daily high temperature records were set in the month of June.”

A New Freedom Trail  (WSJ)
Jennifer Maloney reports: “After the state abolished slavery in 1827, New York City became both a sanctuary and a trap for slaves who had escaped from their owners. By day, freed men and women could live and work here. But by night, they could be snatched off the street by bounty hunters. The landmarks of this chapter of New York's history—the homes, churches, printing presses and businesses of the city's abolitionist leaders—are all but gone. But Jacob Morris is on a determined quest to mark them nonetheless, a one-man mission to develop New York's own Freedom Trail of slavery, the abolitionist movement and the Underground Railroad.”

NYPD Shames Activists By Hanging "Wanted" Poster With Their Photos, Address (Gothamist)
Christopher Robbins reports: “Last month we witnessed the NYPD's stop-and-frisk training regimen, which included live-action scenarios featuring officers acting like bystanders videotaping police interactions. The detectives undergoing the exercise treated them with respect, but we must have missed the part where the police shame them with faux ‘wanted’ posters. DNAinfo reports that activists Christina Gonzalez and Matthew Swaye entered the monthly meeting at the 30th Precinct to find their photos and Harlem address plastered on the podium. ‘I saw it immediately and was kind of blown away,’ Swaye says. ‘It was designed to show us as people who are not trustworthy or safe.’”

Why Can’t NYC Count Votes? (NYT)
The Times editorial board writes: “Voters in New York State use a vote-scanning system that can tally votes swiftly and, in most cases, correctly. Not New York City. The city’s Board of Elections uses a creaky system of counting by hand that is prone to embarrassing errors on election night.”