Future of Health Care Costs After Supreme Court Upholds Law

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The long wait is over.  The Supreme has ruled.  The health care law stands (mostly).

As Supreme Court watchers analyze the ruling for the legal precedents it sets or breaks, and political pundits debate whether the decision fires up the Republican base and gets them to the voting booth in November or strengthens the odds of President Barack Obama's re-election, what about the reason for the health care law in the first place?  Will it rein in health care costs that are rising at twice the rate of inflation? Will the nearly 50 million American without health care now sign up or simply pay a penalty perhaps as low as $695?

Rana Foroohar with Time and Joe Nocera with the New York Times weigh on what the decision will mean for our out-of-pocketbook expenses.

Meanwhile, in corporate America, Rupert Murdoch announces News Corp will split in two and Google’s CEO skips a three-day developer conference.  Are we too invested in celebrity CEOs?

And a look at what will make news in the weeks ahead.