No Stowaways Found in Ship Docked in NJ, Feds Say

No stowaways were found in a cargo ship docked in New Jersey a day after a coast guard inspection team heard knocking amid the containers for about two hours, authorities said Thursday.

The Department of Homeland Security examined more than 160 of 2,000 containers from the 850-foot ship after the search began Wednesday. The source of the noise remains a mystery.

"After a lengthy and exhaustive inspection by the Department of Homeland Security Officials, the search for stowaways aboard the Ville D'Aquarius has concluded with no stowaways found," the DHS said in a statement.

Coast Guard spokesman Charles Rowe said it took about eight minutes to check each container. It involves taking it off the ship, opening it up and X-raying it, if necessary.

The ship set out from the United Arab Emirates on May 30, and made one stop in Pakistan and two in India. The last port before Newark was in Egypt on June 15.

Cindy Rodriguez and the Associated Press contributed reporting