Broadband Love: Making the Connection

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Charles J. Orlando, our guest for the month of June, is a relationship expert, YourTango partner, and the author of The Problem with Women…Is Men. We continue our series on online dating with a look at how to write the best profile and what to look for when you make the in-person connection.


Charles J. Orlando

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thanks. and i'm not a hipster. i wish i had that kind of life. and i'm not young either (ugh). not as old as jgarbuz, but I’m more hopeful. and just because he's older doesn't make him wiser.
we need solutions for today not from yesterday

Jun. 28 2012 12:38 PM


How do you know hjs has "less" experience than you? Or that he's a hipster? Maybe hjs just didn't like your "eithor/or" option of (a) arranged marriages or (b) a ridiculous unserious proposal - which leads you by default to (a).

For the record, I don't think a lot of people here doubt your experience...I think they doubt your conclusions.

Jun. 28 2012 12:30 PM

keep posting. i get a good laugh from u and martin
i think your view that the government should outlaw marriage or force people to use match makers sounds very democratic and very forward looking
adults should never be allowed to pick their own mate.

Jun. 28 2012 12:20 PM
jgarbuz from Queens


You mean I can no longer express my opinion based on 65 years of very varied experiences because it flies in the face of present day hipster "political correctness?" Maybe you should send me to a rehabilitation gulag to reeducate me? I have ten times the experience in life than you have had. I was born in a refugee camp. I was an immigrant I read Karl Marx Das Capital and the Communist Manifesto when I was a kid. I lived on a kibbutz in Israel. I experienced two marriages. I have experienced three kinds of health care systems. I have worked in high tech, in education, in business as an employer, in banking, in industry, and even farmed. So you think you know it all, and "dinosaurs" like me should be silenced and put down. Well, I think you are wrong. What are your experiences in life, hipster?

Jun. 28 2012 12:03 PM

jgarbuz from Queens
you mind your business and take a live and let live attitude?

Jun. 28 2012 11:52 AM
jgarbuz from Queens

Two options:

(a) Go back to matchmaking and family-arranged marriages, or, alternatively

(b) Legally abolish marriage and "family" altogether and start making babies in factories.

The present system of what I call "musical marriage chairs," where people go in and out of "marriage" at their convenience causes confusion, consternation, and societal deconstruction.

Online match-making is just a money-making video game. It's just entertainment. I'd like to see statistics proving to me that couples who "hook up" via the internet have any more lasting staying power than any other method.

Jun. 28 2012 11:43 AM

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