Gig Alert: Dustin Wong

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Dustin Wong
"Pink Diamond"
Playing on Monday at the Music Hall of Williamsburg
(66 N. 6th St., Williamsburg)
Get: Tickets ($30) | Directions 

Musician Dustin Wong likens his process of turning loops and layers of guitar work into intricate, multi-hued patterns to that of a textile factory: “The sheets and colors are determined then the patterns are laid on top, one layer after another until it becomes a fabric mille feuille. Once that cake looks done it gets replicated again through another delay pedal. I can keep building these sounds on top [of] each other and decide whether I want to take half of the cakes slices or not, if i do, I can gaze at the symmetrical void of what I have taken.”

See what he means: Download “Pink Diamond” and check out the music video for “Diagonally Talking Echo” from the Hawaii native’s latest release, Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads.

Dustin Wong plays at the Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight.