Gig Alert: Patrick Watson

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Patrick Watson
"Into Giants"
Playing on Friday at River to River Festival
(Pier 17--The Seaport, 89 South Street, Financial District)
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After spending five years on tour, Patrick Watson -- which is the name of the band as well as the band leader -- decided to ground its newest effort in the comforts of home. So much so that the group's new album, Adventures in Your Own Backyard, was recorded in the frontman's loft. The Montreal quartet is made up of Watson on keyboards and on vocal duty, guitarist Simon Angell, drummer Robbie Kuster and bassist Mishka Stein. 

Patrick Watson is again on tour promoting the new album at the River to River Festival at Pier 17, The Seaport on Friday night. Before the show, listen to “Into Giants,” the lush, fanciful lead single from the April release that’s available for download above. Also, check the band’s recent NPR Tiny Desk Concert in the video below.