Gig Alert: Omer Avital

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Omer Avital
"Free Forever"
Playing on Tuesday at Smalls
(183 W. 10th St., West Village)
Get: Tickets ($20 cover) | Directions 

The Israeli bassist, composer and bandleader Omer Avital was born in Tel Aviv to Moroccan and Yemeni parents. His jazz echoes his multi-cultural upbringing with its blend of Jewish, Arabic and North African sounds.

Since relocating to New York, Avital has ensconced himself in city’s jazz scene and has become a link between it and Israel’s jazz and world music circles by playing in such bands as Third World Love, Yemen Blues and New Jerusalem Orchestra.

 “Free Forever” is from Avital’s latest album, Suite of the East, which he made with his new group Band of the East. The album sprang from a 2006 residency at the West Village club Small’s. In June, the group began another residency at the venue to celebrate the release.

On Tuesday night, Omer Avital and his Band of the East — featuring saxophonist Greg Tardy, keyboardist Jason Lindner, guitarist Nadav Remez and drummer Daniel Freedman — continue their weekly residency at Small’s.