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New York's Shores Ranked 24th Worst in Nation for Water Quality, but Officials Say it's Safe to Swim (NYDN)
Christina Boyle reports:”Just in time for bikini weather, New York’s beach water is the grossest it’s been in years. The state’s sandy shores were ranked 24th worst in the nation for water quality, but officials said that’s no reason to be afraid of taking a dip.”


Gov. Christie May Not Sign Teacher Tenure Bill (Star-Ledger)
Salvador Rizzo reports: “Gov. Chris Christie Tuesday threw some cold water on a high-profile bill that would toughen requirements for teachers seeking tenure, suggesting it doesn’t go far enough a day after state lawmakers in both houses approved it unanimously. At a town hall in Brick Township, Christie said he hasn’t decided whether he will sign the legislation. Seniority rights for teachers should be scrapped, the governor said, potentially delivering an unexpected roadblock just as the bill (S1455) neared the finish line.”

Small Amount of Pot Would Not Lead To Jail in Bill Passed by N.J. Assembly (Star-Ledger)
Susan K. Livio reports: “Getting caught with small amounts of pot would no longer land someone in jail under a bill the Assembly approved Monday, despite the governor's vow to veto it. People caught with small amounts of marijuana now face up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine, in addition to a possible driver's license suspension and hundreds of dollars in court fees.”

Soccer Mom Madam Anna Gristina Sprung from Rikers (NYDN)
Three Daily News reporters: “A smiling Anna Gristina walked out of the Manhattan Detention Complex just after 9 p.m. Tuesday flanked by her husband, Kelvin Gorr, and her 9-year-old son, Nicholas. ‘Thank you everybody,” she told a mob of media that met her outside the lower Manhattan jail known as The Tombs. “I just want to be with my family.’ The accused upper East Side brothel operator held a dozen long-stem red roses given to her by her son, whom she showered with kisses.”

Mayor Rigs Wacky A/C to Keep His SUV Chilled (NYP)
David Seifman reports: “Mayor Bloomberg wants to maintain his politically correct credentials on global warming — but hates to get into a hot car when he leaves an air conditioned building. The solution his aides came up with could easily have doubled as a stunt on David Letterman’s show. In full view of bemused tourists and other passers-by, workers yesterday performed what looked like a comedy routine: They hoisted a standard room air conditioner to a side window of one of the mayor’s SUVs parked in the City Hall lot to see if it would fit.”

New Charitable Bond Bill Could Free Thousands of Poor Bronx Defendants (NYDN)
Daniel Beekman reports:”Legislation passed by state lawmakers last week with approval from Gov. Cuomo could free thousands of jailed Bronxites. Sponsored by state Sen. Gustavo Rivera (D-Bronx), the new law will allow charitable organizations statewide to post bail - up to $2,000 - for poor defendants held on misdemeanor charges... Poor defendants often admit guilt rather than miss work while waiting on Rikers Island for trial.”

Lesbian couple who got hitched shortly after gay marriage became legal in New York State set to become one of first gay divorces (NYDN)
Tracy Connor reports:”It was inevitable. The legalization of gay marriage in New York is yielding the first wave of gay divorces. Two lesbians who got hitched six days after the Marriage Equality Act took effect last summer have gone public with their breakup — which could result in one of the first gay divorces finalized in the state. ‘I do very much feel like the president of the loneliest club in the world,’ photographer Dese’Rae Stage, 29, wrote on her blog about her split with masseuse Katie Marks, also 29.”

Slope Grope Witness: Cops Arrested Me As Payback for Speaking Out (Brooklyn Paper)
Natalie O’Neill reports: “Donald Harrington spent a night behind bars for allegedly scratching a neighbor’s car three weeks after he shared details with this newspaper of a May 23 groping in which two cops from the 72nd Precinct released a possible suspect at the scene of the crime after neighbors held the man down and performed a citizen’s arrest. After Harrington spoke out, two cops involved in the incident were placed on modified duty pending an investigation — but he says the story doesn’t end there. On June 13, two officers from the same precinct knocked on the door of Harington’s 16th Street home.”

Amar’e Stoudemire Fined $50,000 by NBA for Gay Slur in Twitter Exchange with NY Knicks fan  (NYDN)
Mitch Lawrence reports:” Amar’e Stoudemire’s use of a gay slur in Tweet over the weekend cost the Knicks’ superstar $50,000. The NBA announced the fine Tuesday, citing Stoudemire for using “using offensive and derogatory language,’’ according to Stu Jackson, NBA Executive Vice President, Basketball Operations.”

Let them all eat a $1,000 dessert (NY Post)
The Post reports:”Crown prince of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum partook in Serendipity 3’s Golden Opulence Sundae in royal fashion Saturday night. His royal highness arrived at the Upper East Side eatery, spies said, with an eight-person posse of bodyguards, plus women “all in black,” to savor the $1,000 dish (which comes complete with edible gold and Tahitian vanilla ice cream). The sundae is served in a $300 Baccarat goblet... Sources told us the prince paid his bill in cash and left the waiter a generous tip.”