A Non-Standard Standard

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When Joe Jackson and Iggy Pop sing "It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing," it may not have "swing" - but it sure has something.

Joe Jackson debuted during the first wave of British punk, and Iggy Pop set the table for punks on both sides of the Atlantic with his anarchic, violent antics. But both of them can croon, and Jackson especially has been writing chamber music/art song collections since the 80s, as well as making forays into the world of jazz. As for Iggy, he has often woven into his live sets unexpected covers of standards (unexpected, in his case, meaning not screaming/slashing deconstructions but fairly straightahead readings). I recall him doing a lovely version of "One For My Baby" in the middle of a set that had already seen him, um, exposing himself.

Now the two veterans have teamed up on Joe Jackson's brand new album, "The Duke," a tribute to Duke Ellington, to do a version of this Ellington classic. Enjoy.