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Talk To Me: Hitler and the Dalai Lama

Film director Andre Gregory made more than polite dinner conversation recently at the Rubin Museum. In the new "Red Book Dialogue" series, Gregory brought up some major daddy issues when confronted with the sketch of an abstract-looking horned manimal. 


Turns out, his father might have been a spy for Hitler during Word War II. Gregory even compares him to Jack Nicholson's evil character in "The Shining." Ouch.

But Gregory takes these feelings in stride. He also discusses his career and the time he was cured of shingles by the Dali Lama's doctor.

Click below to listen to the full (chatty) conversation between Gregory and Jungian analyst Sylvester Wojtkowsk.

WNYC’s “Talk to Me” series is featuring notable dialogues from the Red Book Dialogues.