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Noteworthy: Mayo Man to Open Ice Cream Shop in Williamsburg

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Sam Mason, the man who's putting bacon, lime, smoked paprika and coffee flavors into mayonnaise, will soon be bringing his unique flavor profiles to another fat-rich substance: ice cream.  

He said he's negotiating a lease this week for a space at Union Avenue and N. 12th Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn — right across the street from McCarren Park, and the huge, soon-to-reopen McCarren Park swimming pool.  What could be sweeter for an ice cream joint?

Mason is thrilled.  "There's no better thing to work with than a fat-soluble medium like ice cream." The flavor possibilities, he said, are endless.  He's got 40 different ones on offer at Empire Mayonnaise.  

But Mason is not just going to add flavorings to a pre-produced egg, cream and sugar "dairy mix." He's going to make the ice cream himself on the premises. "The only other place doing this is Ample Hills Creamery (located, by the way, down Vanderbilt Avenue from Empire Mayo's storefront shop in Prospect Heights)," he said.  "Most people start with a base that has been produced elsewhere. We're going to be a dairy processor, even pasteurizing in-house."

He's calling the shop Odd Fellas. Fermented garlic ice cream, anyone?