Romney's Immigration Stance

Friday, June 22, 2012

Mitt Romney Republican presidential candidate, and former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney. (Getty)

In a speech yesterday, Mitt Romney outlined in new detail his views on immigration reform. Miguel Perez, journalist, syndicated columnist, and journalism professor at Lehman College of the City University of New York, offers analysis of Governor Romney's immigration strategy. 


Miguel Perez

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Calls'em from McLean, VA

@ Joe - 0bama had a filibuster proof majority in 2009. Only when Republican Scott Walker took Ted Kennedy's Seat in Jan. 2010, did that change. 0bama could have done anything he wanted that first year and did nothing. "Dems" the facts.

Jun. 22 2012 11:27 AM
joe from nearby

@Marc from Brooklyn-
You're as full of it as your hero is. The obstructionist GOP filibustered Obama's attempts at immigration reform.

"Maybe you forgot."

Jun. 22 2012 10:49 AM
Amy from Manhattan

Marc, maybe *you* forgot about the filibuster, which doesn't require a majority. There were many bills that passed the House but were filibustered in the Senate, where cloture failed by 1 vote.

Romney doesn't seem to understand this when he keeps saying Obama had the majority in Congress, so why didn't he get more done? It seems strange to me that a candidate for president wouldn't know about the filibuster--or, more likely, that he's deliberately ignoring it. There was plenty of news coverage of these votes...maybe he just wasn't paying attention.

I'm very glad to hear Mr. Perez point this out. I don't understand why the Democrats aren't pointing it out themselves.

Jun. 22 2012 10:48 AM
dpatriss from New York City

Romney wants military service a reason for becoming legal and families to the head of the line. Wasn't this part of the Dream Act? Where was he then? His gardeners were illegal and he didn't even know it. He wants immigrants to self deport. He is a flip flopper and a tool of the new extreme right who will say anything to get elected. Pick Rubio as running mate and he will get the Latino vote and let Rubio talk about immigrations. His plan for immigrants is a last minute thought to make immigrants believe he is OK. He keeps blaming Obama for not getting things done and thinks he will. He knows the reason not too much was done was the Republicans blocking everything and we all know it.

Jun. 22 2012 10:46 AM
jgarbuz from Queens

IMO, no illegal should ever get citizenship and the vote, except the children who were born here and thus are automatically citizens under our constitution. No illegal should be rewarded with citizenship and the right to vote. Period! Their children should have legal work rights, but only those born here should be given citizenship. Those who are not happy with that can go back to their own countries. They are not stateless people. They have homelands, but just prefer to live in a wealthier country with more opportunities, but not willing to wait and gain it in a legal way.

Jun. 22 2012 10:45 AM
Judith Mason, DVM from Westchester

Does your guest believe that the Latino community support for Romney would shift if Marco Rubio is VP candidate?

Jun. 22 2012 10:45 AM
Mike from Inwood

The last time that millions of illegals were legalized to solve the problem of illegal immigration, they simply applied to have their relatives come, too, while millions of additional illegals replaced them.

Jun. 22 2012 10:44 AM
Calls'em from McLean, VA

Latino unemployment under 0bama is what, 20 - 25% (and the same or worse for Blacks). Latino's will be voting with their wallets as will everyone else. Romney will win middle and upper middle class Latino voters and will get 30-40% of the Latino vote. Many Latino's are also religious and against 0bama's late and lackluster endorsement of gay marriage. 0bama is going to lose in a landslide and that will include many Black and Latino voters who have suffered more than most during the past 3.5 years. 0bama's regime is one of empty and broken promises on immigration many other issues.

Jun. 22 2012 10:44 AM
carolita from nyc

Now is the perfect time for Obama to do all the great things Romney is saying he'd do! Go for it Obama! Then let Congress show their hypocrisy when they won't vote it all in, in spite of the fact it's a "republican" idea.

Jun. 22 2012 10:42 AM
The Truth from Becky

Some good points from Miguel, Bravo!

Jun. 22 2012 10:42 AM

btw Obama is as big a panderer as we ever had as President. Brian this is like listening to old men arguing at a barber shop.

Jun. 22 2012 10:40 AM

Seamus ran away. Trust Mitt's dog!

Jun. 22 2012 10:40 AM
Sheldon from Brooklyn

Marc - to you know what a filibuster is? Google it..

Jun. 22 2012 10:39 AM
suzy allman from rye ny

There already is a path to citizenship through the military. It's called "military citizenship", and it means you can become a naturalized citizen by serving in the military, and without providing proof of residence, during time of war. The US naturalized 20,000 new citizens during WWII that way, and 7,000 during Korea. We're actually in such a "wartime" period now -- it was declared by executive order after 9/11 and has yet to be removed. So what's Romney talking about?

Jun. 22 2012 10:39 AM

we should stop killing children with drone strikes

Jun. 22 2012 10:39 AM
Sheldon from Brooklyn

Charles Krauthammer, recently said that there should be no such thing as a moderate republican and republicans should never compromise - yet he endorses a flip-flopper, chameleon like Romney. "self-deportation" "no to in state tuition." Oh - that was so 3 months ago...

Jun. 22 2012 10:36 AM
jgarbuz from Queens

Romney is a strong believer in P.T. Barnum's dictum, that in America, a sucker is born every minute. Romney is PURE politician, with no set of principles whatsoever other than getting himself elected, and definitely no "vision thing." Sad to say, I'm going to have to sit this election out. I cannot vote for this guy Romney, and am hesitant to vote for Obama due to his other values that I do not subscribe to. But he is a pragmatist. He may not hold the values that I do, but surprisingly does the right thing when forced to.

Jun. 22 2012 10:36 AM
Marc from Brooklyn

The guest accuses Mitt Romney of "insulting the intelligence" of Latinos, saying that Congressional Republicans obstructed Pres Obama's immigration reform initiative. The insult to people's intelligence is on the guest's part: Democrats were the majority in both houses of Congress during the first two years of Obama's presidency.

Maybe he forgot.

Jun. 22 2012 10:33 AM
joe from nearby

Hey! What happened to Mitt's "self deportation" plan just a few months ago in the primaries??
Does this mean he was against it before he was for it?!

"Mitt is unfitt."

Jun. 22 2012 10:28 AM
Robert from NYC

Mitt Romney is full or baloney. Yes, it doesn't rhyme but fact is Mitt Romney is full of baloney, in fact Mitt Romney is made of baloney. Anybody who believes anything this man says is someone to whom any of us can sell the Brooklyn Bridge.

Jun. 22 2012 10:28 AM

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