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60-Second Stir-Fry: Anastasia Cole Plakias and Ben Flanner

Heat. Outside, it's making us sweat and making castelfranco and other greens bolt. Inside, in WNYC's Studio 4, the heat of the 60-Second Stir-Fry lightning round of hard-hitting questions is making Brooklyn Grange's Anastasia Cole Plakias and Ben Flanner nearly come to blows.

Cole Plakias looked jealous that Flanner mentioned "pickled lime" as the taste he couldn't do without -- "Hey, that's MY taste I can't do without!" -- and did she roll her eyes just a bit when Mr. Natural mentioned quinoa as his favorite comfort food? Oooohhhh.....

I side with Anastasia on this one. Really, Ben? Quinoa?? Not oatmeal, potatoes, even PB & J made with WHOLE WHEAT BREAD? 

I'm pleased both of them said "mountains" as their preferred vacation spot. I'm a high-up, big-vista, smell-of-the-woods kinda girl myself.  Plus, mountains mean you don't have to worry about sand in your shoes.