#3181: New Sounds Live: Big and Bigger Bands


Recorded live at Merkin Hall as part of the New Sounds Live concert series, together with the Ecstatic Music Festival mere weeks ago, listen to premiere works by the 8-piece ensemble Newspeak and Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society, the 18-piece big band.  Mind control experiments and conspiracy theories are the subject matter for these brand-new pieces, and there might be works by Vijay Iyer and Nicole Lizée as well.

Hear the premiere of Darcy James Argue’s The Sleep Room, Part 1, the first-ever commissioned work by the big band rising star composer and arranger for an ensemble other than his own. The “other” group, is an eight-piece, high-powered electric chamber ensemble, Newspeak, led by David T. Little.  Conversely, Argue and his acclaimed 18-piece big band, Secret Society, perform a world premiere written by Little called “Conspiracy Theory.”  

PROGRAM #3181, New Sounds Live: Big & Bigger Bands    (First aired on 3-15-11)                





Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society

Live at Merkin Hall, 2/24/2011

Darcy James Argue: Phobos [14:07]

This performance not commercially available, but Phobos appears on “Infernal Machines,” on New Amsterdam NWAM017 newamsterdamrecords.com


Darcy James Argue: The Sleep Room, 1 [23:10]

This performance not commercially available.

Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society

David T. Little: Conspiracy Theory [10:21]

This performance not commercially available.


Fallen Monuments

Kid Icarus (Little Jam), excerpt

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