Backstory: Mexico's Presidential Elections

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mexican voters will head to the polls on July 1. Lucia Newman, Latin America Editor for Al Jazeera English, talks about what’s at stake and how the influence of the drug cartels has shaped the campaign.


Lucia Newman

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J Concepcion from Mexico

Dear Lopate,
I wish you read this comment, I'm from Mexico and unfortunately the journalist Lucia Newman is painting a diffrent senario of what really is going on in Mexico. When Lucia talk about Peña Nieto She did not mention that he faces a tremendous opposition from the Student Community which considered Mr. Peña Nieto a Poppet from the old regime (PRI). The Student uprising is called "Yo SOY 132" Denounces the impunity that has happened for over 70 years under the (PRI) regime and the manipulation of the Media that favor only one candidate which is not surprise is Mr. Peña Nieto. The Movement "YO SOY 132" Grow in a few day, Students from all Mexican universities had gather together to fighting a common cause which is bias on the news, all the information regarding presidential election and debates should be broadcast in a National level. After Pressure from the Student Community and documents leaked to the newspaper from the UK "The Guardian" giant "TELEVISA" agreed to broadcast in a national level. Lucia Newman is wrong about Mexican nostalgia regarding the PRI era, Educated Mexican community do not want the PRI back to power. Regarding the polls suggesting Mr. Peña Nieto's lead is totally a manipulated fron Mexican news organisation who have been bought by the corrupted PRI, One the news magazine "LA REFORMA" gave to Peña Nieto a 103% lead over the other candidates which is totally unrealistic.
Lucia Newman is wright on one thing, none of the candidates has lay out a clear strategy to overcome the carteles and to stop the assassination of journalist. None of the candidates has offer a real solution to end the 58K plus murders in the Mexican nation. Mr. Leonard Lopate if you like to know real and balance snap shot of Mexican Election contact MVS New's Carmen Aristegui or Aristegui Noticias, it is similar to WNYC Thanks.

Jun. 22 2012 08:56 AM
Ariadne from NYC

It angers me extremely how little media coverage the drug war in Mexico receives. Having worked with picture wire services for awhile now, I have seen many (under-reported) horrific scenes of violence, including dismemberment; beheadings; bodies strung up from bridges; shootouts in drug rehab facilities and funeral homes; murdered teachers, journalists, police officers, body guards; etc., etc...Currently 60,000 deaths in 6 years - it astounds me that this has gone on unabated in a country so close to us in the United States.

Jun. 21 2012 01:53 PM
Amy from Manhattan

"Institutional Revolutionary Party"--my favorite oxymoron!

Jun. 21 2012 01:33 PM

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