Check Ahead: Gold Motel - "At Least We Tried"

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Audio for this feature is no longer available. 

For a bunch of Midwesterners, they sure make some sunny pop. The self-titled second album from Chicago quintet Gold Motel is set to come out on July 3rd. And we’re giving you a preview in Check Ahead

Gold Motel is led by singer and songwriter Greta Morgan, formerly of pop group The Hush Sound. (Background Check: In the early aughts, The Hush Sound put out records on the label Fueled By Ramen -- in the company of angsty suburban teen outfits like Panic! At the Disco and Paramore.) Gold Motel's 2010 debut "Summer House" was all about dreamy kids in constant motion. The title track showed up in a Crayola commercial, with some actual kids in motion. But this new album, and the song “At Least We Tried,” is hardly rec room rock. 

“At Least We Tried” is the story of stumbling through a first real adult relationship – and realizing that it’s hard work. Sharing a bed is not so easy... and a cheap and crumbling apartment is not the love nest of teenage imaginations. But playing at being a grown up leads to some very adult revelations: sometimes the story is in the struggle. (And the handclaps and jangly guitars).