Christie Quips: I Want to Know If I Blew It

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Governor Chris Christie again played coy when asked whether he would run for vice president – saying he would consider it but doubted GOP presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney would ask.

Speaking during a town hall at Cedar Grove High School, Christie, who is featured on the cover of Newsweek, joked that his issue would be a worst-seller.  

"Sales will plummet," Christie quipped. "And it says, ‘Has Chris Christie blown it?’ is the headline. I am intrigued. I want to know if I blew it."

Christie said he was relying on advice from his late mother.

“What she said to me was, ‘Chris, do the job you have as well as you can do it, and your future will take care of itself.’"


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davemakkar from New Jersey


I don’t think Christie understand the meaning of “Insanity” as defined by Albert Einstein-
"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

By holding day time stage managed Town Hall Meetings during weekdays with captive audience of mostly white senior citizens it is not going to address the Structural Problems of NJ that is too many monster size 588 governments with over 500,000 employees & over 9,000 Elected unionized quasi-criminal politicians in a tiny patch of 8,000 sq miles with limited revenue sources with 8.5 mil residents.

Christie has spent 60 days out of 8 months in other states of America auditioning for the Vice President’ Job. This does not include a week long trip to Israel that has almost complete control over the US Presidential Candidate selection as well as their Campaign financing and personal trips to New York City or Philadelphia for dinner with his wife Mary Pat or to the Super Bowl with his younger son, Patrick. This also does not include the day time crude political stunts during working hours this Joker is performing in the name of Town Hall meetings with captive audience.
The state taxpayers are footing all the Security Bills for this dumb Vice Presidential aspirant Christie. While in Israel his security by private firms cost over $40,000 but his administration citing imaginary security concerns are refusing to make public detailed expenses when troopers trail this Absentee Governor of NJ Christie around the country, Town Hall meetings, Sports shows and private dinners with his family.
This ill-educated absentee Governor along with ill-educated Lawmakers in Senate & Assembly can pass Anti-Bullying Law one size fits all without reading it without caring for the emotional, mental and physical well being of 8 to 14 years old. If brought to notice about the flaws despite numerous written requests this Big Fat Fraud along frauds in both houses have no time to reply to this important issue concerning the well being of NJ children for the last 5 months. All these Frauds must know US SC says that "children cannot be viewed simply as miniature adults" because a child's age is more than a chronological fact." Rather, it is a fact that "generates commonsense conclusions about behavior and perception.' "Children generally are less mature and responsible than adults." "They often lack the experience, perspective and judgment to recognize and avoid choices that could be detrimental to them."

This law is denying due process rights in violation of US constitution and a Educator can even force 8-14 yrs old to admit in writing that they have done bullying. This forced admission is then used against that child that he is a bully for punishment. Once accused they have no right to cross examine their accuser or witnesses or the educators who made the report. Now the child is branded as a bully on his School Record.

Jun. 22 2012 07:21 PM

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