Gay and Republican: Are They Compatible?

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Richard Grenell
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The Democratic Party has long curried the favor of gay voters, and President Obama's endorsement of gay marriage has helped solidify Democrats as the gay rights party. On the other side, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has opposed even civil unions. Due to the stark ideological contrast, has being gay become fundamentally incompatible with being Republican?

Richard Grenell says no. Earlier this year, Romney appointed Grenell, the openly gay long-time U.S. spokesman at the United Nations for the Bush Administration, as his foreign policy spokesman. Just as quickly, Grenell resigned, after a storm of right-wing criticism sparked national attention regarding his sexual orientation and open support of gay marriage.

Grenell remains a staunch supporter of the Romney campaign and the Republican party. In a sometimes heated conversation with host John Hockenberry, he criticizes the media and partisans on both sides of the political spectrum for creating the circumstances that led to his resignation.