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No Legislative Fix for Teacher Evaluations

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Governor Andrew Cuomo says he no longer thinks settling the issue of making teacher evaluations public “urgent,” and will allow the legislature to end its session without an agreement on the matter.

Cuomo, speaking on former Governor David Paterson’s radio show on WOR, said the legislature will end its session for the summer without acting on a plan on how to make public teacher evaluations public, saying that the evaluations do not have to be completed by schools until January, anyway.

“Nothing that we have left, frankly is that urgent that it can’t take more time,” Cuomo said. “And frankly, wouldn’t be better with more time.”

Cuomo added he’s more concerned with an “orderly” end to the session than down to the wire talks that would require a special message by the governor to by pass the legal three day waiting period before bills can be acted upon.  The governor says he is pleased that the legislature agreed to his plan to crack down on abuse of the disabled in state run facilities.