Knicks Kicks for the Well Heeled Set

The players' feet will no longer be the hottest thing to see on the hardwood.

Independent shoe company Herstar announced a partnership last week with the NBA to make and sell team-themed high heels.

The sporty pumps with a 4-inch heel and team logo emblazoned on the toe sell for $99. The crystal-encrusted 6-inch platform heel is $275. But you can’t really put a price on team loyalty.

Company owner Holly Joffrion said she got the idea after being invited to an Orlando Magic game with her husband. She did a brief internet search to find any NBA shoes that weren't sneakers only to come up empty.

"I wanted to find something cute and girly to wear to the game," she told WNYC.

 So she made a pair for herself and after the game put them up on eBay. Not only did those shoes sell, but Joffrion said she found herself with back orders in the hundreds. Formally using any NBA team logo requires the league's permission, which is exactly what she and her husband/business partner got down to achieving.

League officials were impressed with the style, design and demand and the license was approved, according the the NBA.

Fans can hoping to slide their feet into Herstar NBA heels can order them online or perhaps pick up a pair at a team in October when the season kicks off.

If the NBA heels are a success, expect to see Herstar take on the NFL and NHL as soon as licensing rights are approved.