Gig Alert: Blues Control

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Blues Control
"Iron Pigs"
Playing on Monday at Other Music
(15 East 4th St, NoHo)
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The experimental post-rock duo Blues Control formed in Queens in 2003. But since 2009, the band has called Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley home. The new digs have inspired quieter, more jazz-inclined explorations for keyboardist Leah Cho and Russ Waterhouse (guitar, synth, tapes), which have resulted in a new record -- Valley Tangents.

The songs on the six-track release meander through various strains of psych, prog and industrial rock; through Latin and smooth jazz; and through New Age and electronic music.

Download “Iron Pigs” from Valley Tangents and watch Blues Control’s new music video for “Loves A’ Rondo." The band performs at the Other Music record store in Noho on Monday night and at 285 Kent on Saturday night.