New Track from David Byrne + St Vincent!

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David Byrne has teamed up with Annie Clark, the singer/songwriter/guitarist who records under the name St. Vincent, for a new album due in September.  It'll be called Love This Giant, and they've offered the opening salvo as a free download.  The song is called "Who," and if you haven't heard anything about the plans for this album, you may be surprised to hear that the central sound is a brass band.  There's a strong pop beat, and Clark contributes a snaky, slightly exotic melody that punctuates Byrne's own distinctively soulful wailing. 

You can get it by clicking on this very creepy picture of Annie & David.  (Don't worry folks, she doesn't really look like that...)

And by the way, this is not the first time David Byrne has worked with a big brass band.  I for one have always been a fan of his Music For The Knee Plays, a mid-1980s work written for a mammoth Robert Wilson theater piece and featuring just Byrne himself and a very large brass band - drawing on New Orleans, Balkan, and other styles.  Between that and this first look at the new album, I am really excited to hear the full project this fall.