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Ethan Hawke: Most TV, Movies These Days Are ‘Incredibly Stupid’

Ethan Hawke said most television shows and movies today lack depth -- and that “people mock” actors if they attempt to use the discipline as a form of self expression.

Speaking on the Leonard Lopate Show on Thursday, Hawke said films have been “completely eaten and devoured and digested by big business” and that their success is too closely tied with box office revenue.

“People love movies and television and the great mass of them are incredibly stupid,” said Hawke.

The "Reality Bites" star said his own interest in writing was sparked by trying to generate something rewarding and interesting.

“They publish how much the grosses of each movies are as if it’s a competition, and the idea of using cinema as self-expression sounds pretentious,” Hawke said. “People mock you if you are self-serious about that goal at all, and yet if you’re not trying to do that, then what’s it going to be?”  

Hawke stars in the thriller “The Woman in the Fifth” directed by Polish-born director Pawel Pawlikowski about an American writer who moves to Paris and begins a romance with a widow.