Soundcheck Jingles

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We’ve already challenged you to make a summer music resolution (how’s that going, by the way?). Now, we’ve got a slightly less daunting task that we’d like your help with.

In short, we need a jingle.


Actually, we need short jingles – and lots of them. Throughout the summer, we’ll be putting out lots of new podcasts. But we need a snazzy way to start them off. That’s where you come in!

Three Simple Rules:

  1. Your jingle should be about 10 seconds long
  2. You must use the word “Soundcheck” at least once (additional words are OK)
  3. Your jingle must be a cappella – no instruments, although you’re welcome (and in fact encouraged) to make the sound of an instrument with your mouth/body/etc.

You don’t need fancy equipment for this. You’re welcome to record on your computer, your spy pen, your TalkBoy, your iPhone (it’s super easy. Here’s how you record and here’s how you edit). Once you've got your jingle, just email it to Or, you can upload it directly to our SoundCloud DropBox. Once we have your jingle, we'll put it up on SoundCloud - and you might just hear it in our podcast, too.

Need some inspiration? Listen to the jingles that have already come in. 

Send me your sounds