Sarah Jessica Parker: How to Prep for a Presidential Fundraiser

Sarah Jessica Parker said she is anxious about hosting Barack Obama and Michelle Obama for a swank, star-studded fundraiser in her West Village brownstone on Thursday evening.

Speaking on Michael Feldman’s Whad’ Ya Know earlier this week, the former “Sex and the City” starlet said she is expecting as many as 70 people to attend the $80,000 a head party, which will include dinner cooked by chef Michael White and a performance by New Orleans artist Trombone Shorty.

“It will be amusing to squeeze into New York space, but this is a pretty serious campaign so I say squeeze away,” she said.

Parker said she's been feverishly cleaning her home. Earlier this week, paparazzi spotted the frenzied preparations. She said she’s more nervous about Michelle’s opinion of the cleanliness of her abode than the president's.

“He might not have the same vigilant eyeball,” she said.

Parker said she's also spending time making the rounds with neighbors, apologizing ahead of time for any potential disruptions that may result as a consequence of hosting the president down the block.

“I already have anxiety,” she said. “They say when you have a party at your house you should invite your neighbors … and this is just one of those occasions where the government says I cannot.”

She said that husband Matthew Broderick has been helpful in the preparations despite his busy schedule.

"He's not around to see the madness, and he might disagree with the effort," she quipped. "But he's been good counsel."