Pastor's Support of Gay Marriage Costs Him His Congregation

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We're talking all this week about how homosexuality is perceived in American life, from politics to the church, and the challenges openly gay Americans face. 

Yesterday we spoke with Wade Davis, a former NFL player who recently revealed that he is gay. Today we look at same-sex marriage and religion with Reverend Oliver White, pastor of Grace Community United Church of Christ in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

In 2005, Reverend White attended a national United Church of Christ assembly in Atlanta, where, with a majority of attendees, he voted in favor of a resolution supporting same-sex marriage. Two-thirds of Reverend White's congregation soon abandoned the church. The congregants left with their money, and in 2007, Reverend White was forced to take out a loan to keep the church afloat. Grace Community United now owes the bank $200,000, a sum that must be paid by June 30 or the church will have to close its doors for good.

Reverend White discusses his stance on LGBT rights and how same-sex marriage is often perceived in predominantly African-American churches.