#3048: New Speech-Based Music

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For this New Sounds, sample some new music from Holland, featuring JacobTV, the controversial ex-rock musician who has become one of the Continent’s most exciting composers.  His works incorporate the sounds of American mass media and pop culture as well as acoustic instruments.

An outlaw in the established modern classical music scene, Dutch avant-pop composer JacobTV (Jacob Ter Veldhuis) is also one of the most performed European composers.  He strives to liberate new music from its isolation by spurning dissonance – and he has no objection to a piece being entertaining.

PROGRAM # 3048, New Speech-Based Music (First aired on Tues., 03/09/10)





Jacob TV (Andrew Russo, piano)

Shining City

Jacob TV: The Body of Your Dreams [8:32]

Basta 3091742

Scott Johnson

John Somebody

John Somebody, Part 1 [5:19]

Nonesuch# 79133

Steve Reich

Works 1965-1995 (10 CD set)

Different Trains, Part III After the war [10:30]

Nonesuch #79451

Prism Quartet

Pitch Black – Music by Jacob TV

Jacob TV: Jesus is Coming [9:21]

Innova# 693

Baird Hersey (aka Tone LeStrange)

I, Witness

Love and Sacrifice [7:25]

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