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Halloran on Opponents: None Have 'Have Real Private Sector Job Experience"

Now that Councilman Dan Halloran has got the EMP threat addressed, he's working to tie his three potential opponents to the controversial comments made by the President over the weekend.

On Friday, President Barack Obama is catching flack for saying at a press conference, "The private sector is doing fine." Halloran, in a statement on Monday, suggested his opponents, like the President, don't get it when it comes to the economy.

“The three Democrats in this race, like President Obama, don’t have real private sector job experience,” Halloran said in the statement.  “The three Democrats in this race, like President Obama, are out of touch.  The three Democrats in this race, like President Obama, don’t know how to create jobs.

“President Obama just doesn’t get it.  And the Democrats in this race just don't get it.”

Out of the three Democrats in the primary race for the 6th Congressional District in Queens, only Assemblyman Rory Lancman's campaign opted to respond.

"What's funny about Halloran's comment, and not just that it comes from a Ron Paul delegate, is that Rory's 12 years of private-sector experience as a lawyer prior to being elected to the Assembly was spent fighting the problems Republicans choose to ignore -- sexual harassment in the workplace, corporations selling us defective products and wall street executives cheating their shareholders," wrote Lancman's spokesman, Eric Walker. "Now who do you think is better prepared to protect the middle class in Washington?"