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Opinion: Obama Out of Touch on 'Private Sector Just Fine'

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President Obama at Daimler Trucks in Mt. Holly, North Carolina, in March, 2012

One of the great mysteries to conservatives is the continued impression that Barack Obama is some sort of "man of the people."

With nonstop media focus on the wealth of Mitt Romney we imagine that someone, sometime, will point out that President Obama's net worth is in the $10 million range. Few do.

So it came as no surprise that the man who had only a handful of years in private sector jobs declared the "private sector is doing just fine" and then seemed confused by the resulting backlash.

His clarification of his comments were comical--and predictably amateurish.

"It’s absolutely clear the economy is not doing fine,” the president said while sitting alongside Philippines President Benigno Aquino in the Oval Office. “That’s the reason I had a press conference. That’s why I spent yesterday, the day before yesterday, this past week, this past month and this past year talking about how we can make the economy stronger. The economy is not doing fine. There are too many people out of work. The housing market is still weak, too many homes underwater and that’s precisely why I asked Congress to start taking some steps that can make a difference."

The economy isn't doing well and our president has shown deep enough concern for this fact that he...held a press conference and talked about it a lot.

Lest you think I'm just picking on him, the president then repeated his plea that his seriousness about tackling the economy extends all the way to holding press conferences:

“So let me be as clear as I can be: the economy needs to be strengthened,” the president said, “that’s why I had a press conference.

Someone is always standing in the way of Barack Obama's clarity! Thank you so much, Mr. President for holding a press conference. You took time out of your busy day to speak to the people and tell them that, despite what they see with their own lying eyes and 8.2 percent unemployment rate, everything is a-ok. Then, when challenged on this you displayed your seriousness on the issue by pointing out that you held a press conference.

Barack Obama continues to be the president of words and not deeds--and now his words aren't that great either. The private sector isnot doing just fine, none of us are doing just fine and airhead comments by our president failing to recognize this are harmful to us all.