Gig Alert: Lisa Hannigan

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Lisa Hannigan
"What'll I Do"
Playing on Thursday and Friday at Highline Ballroom
(431 W. 16th St., Chelsea)
Get: Tickets ($25-$30) | Directions 

Herbie Hancock once likened the versatility of Irish folk singer Lisa Hannigan’s voice to Miles Davis on the trumpet. (An explanation for this might be found among her influences, which include Bad-era Michael Jackson, Irish folk-rockers the Frames and opera singer Maria Callas.)

Hannigan’s latest album, Passenger, showcases her enviable range -- which moves from smokey whispers to sweet, songbird-like trills on her 2011 release. The sophomore follow-up to her 2009 debut LP Sea Saw was produced by musician Joe Henry and contains elements of Irish folk, American roots music and pop.

Download the upbeat “What’ll I Do” from Passenger and watch Hannigan’s colorfully messy music video for “Knots" here. Lisa Hannigan performs with Joe Henry at the Highline Ballroom on Thursday and Friday nights.