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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Red-eyed and groggy, Americans are waking up this morning and considering what the next four years will be like. The Brian Lehrer Show does four hours of Wednesday morning quarterbacking on the 2004 Presidential Election as the story unfolds.

John Done

Marie Cocco, Newsday columnist says Kerry fought the good fight, but not good enough
John Fund, editorial page writer for the Wall Street Journal
» Opinion Journal


Keep your eyes peeled

Marvin Kalb Lecturer in Public Policy and Senior Fellow at the Shorenstein Center on the Press at Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University One Scandalous Story: Clinton, Lewinsky, & 13 Days That Tarnished American Journalism. The Free Press, 2001 reacts to the election night media coverage


Front Page

Clarence Pagecolumnist for the Chicago Tribune assesses the campaign for president
» Chicago Tribune
Ruben Navarrette, Jr., syndicated columnist, regular contributor to NPR's morning edition and member of the Dallas Morning News editorial
» Navarette


No Laughing Matter

Rob Corddry Correspondent at the Daily Show with Jon Stewart on the humor of this election season and the hazards of voting


What now?

Bill DeBlasio, Member of City Council (D-39th District-Park Slope, Kensington, Windsor Terrace, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Borough Park and Boerum Hill) on what the democrats will do now
» Bill DeBlasio


Mike on Mic

Mike Ferguson, Congressman from New Jersey (R-7th District-Somerset, Middlesex and Union Counties) is celebrating his victory--and the President's
» Congressman Mike Ferguson


Faith, Hope, and Clarity

Steven Waldman, editor-in-chief and founder of says the pundits and pollsters underestimated the importance of faith in the election
» BeliefNet


Exit Stage Left

Richard Wolffe, Washington correspondent for Newsweek on Kerry's concession
» Newsweek



Scott Rasmussen, Pollster


Gay Marriage Out, Cracking Down on Illegal Immigration In

Louis Jacobson, deputy editor of Roll Call, has covered ballot initiatives in every cycle since 1994. He also handicaps the 50 state legislatures for the Rothenberg Political Report; assesses the ballot initiative results
» Rothenberg Political Report


New York State of Mind

Andrea Bernstein, Senior Reporter, WNYC Radio, on the local election results


Your election feedback

I don't even know what to think at this point. Do any of the individuals who voted based on abortion or religious issues understand the global implications of re-electing this dimwit?

To say that the Swiftboat allegations sank the Kerry bid for the Presidency is dishonest. It did not. Kerry changed his focus every five minutes during his campaign and gained little traction until the closing stretch.


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