No Cover: Cumbiagra

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New York's own cumbia band Cumbiagra brought their party to Barbès in Park Slope on November 30. Stream the whole concert here.

Before You Press Play

Hometown: New York (via Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico)

The Facts: Cumbiagra began in July 2008 at a weekly party at the since-closed bar Baraza. They blend Colombian folk music and a really good time. They plan to release their first album of original material, Toma la Pastilla, in 2010.

The Sound: They cite Colombian accordion player Lisandro Mesa, Mexican cumbia star Celso Piña, cumbia saxophonist Fito Olivares and vallenato player Carlos Vives.

Latest Release: 2009’s (Under) Covers (self-released).

A Word From the Band: “We started playing Barbès in Brooklyn during the summer of 2009, subbing every Monday for the band Chicha Libra for three months while they were...hrm, what were they doing? Chicha Libre was started by the owners of Barbès, and they play chicha music, which is a type of cumbia that comes from Peru, psychedelic with lots of guitar. After the summer, they continued to book us once a month or so, and we love to play there because it's a small, warm room, with a crowd that knows and loves music, and the sound is great because of all the wood. The only thing is that if you fart in this room it's not going away unless you force open the back door that you're not supposed to open. Unfortunately, these things happened on this night.

This gig was right after Thanksgiving, the mother of Hugo (trumpet) was visiting, and everyone had a good holiday feeling, and we had all our musicians present, which is always great.”