Summer Workshop Day 3: To Do List

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Stuff to do today:

1. Celebrate the birthday of Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie’s groundbreaking alter ego, who was unleashed on the world 40 years ago today.  Check out today’s podcast below for more: 


2. Listen to a sneak preview of the new Grizzly Bear album!  Their last album, Veckatimest, topped the annual NPR Listener Poll and made most everyone else’s top 10 back in 2009 too.  Here’s a song called “Sleeping Ute” (pronounced Yoot), from their new album, which will be out in September and which the guys still haven’t settled on a name for.  


3. Take Ted From Atlanta’s advice (see yesterday’s blog) and watch on this Youtube clip:   

Ted’s summer musical resolution, as he told us on the air last week, was to come up with a design for some musical furniture, and looking at the remarkable instruments built of scrap metal, glass and stone by Jim Doble has got him thinking.

Tomorrow: Patti Smith.  Check back then!

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