Bloomberg '100 Percent in Support' of Cuomo's Plan to Cut Pot Arrests

Mayor Michael Bloomberg echoed his support of the governor’s push to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana.

Speaking on Tuesday, the mayor said Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposed change to the law will allow the NYPD to focus on cracking down on crime.  

“We’re 100 percent in support of him with this change in the laws on small quantities of marijuana,” Bloomberg said.

He said it was in keeping with an internal order issued by Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

In Albany on Monday, Cuomo proposed relaxing the marijuana arrests, making it a crime only if it is in public view.

“If you possess marijuana privately it’s a violation, if you show it in public it’s a crime,” Cuomo said. “It’s incongruous; it’s inconsistent the way it’s been enforced.”

Last year, a WNYC investigation suggested police were making unlawful arrests in neighborhoods that were mostly black and Latino.

Critics say the stop and frisk program racially profiles.

The bill will likely pass the Democratic-controlled Assembly. If Republican Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos allows the bill to the floor for a Senate vote, Cuomo will need two GOP votes.

Ailsa Chang contributed reporting.