Summer Resolutions: Visiting "Highway 61..."

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Our Summer Workshop continues! You'll be checking in with us as we progress on our redesign...and, we'll be checking in with you. Less than a week since writer A.J. Jacobs  (“My Life as an Experiment,” “The Year of Living Biblically,” “Drop Dead Healthy”) resolved to get to know the work of Bob Dylan, he reports back:

I've begun the Never Ending Musical Education Project, my quest to fill in my embarrassing lack of familiarity with the work of Bob Dylan. Listening to "Highway 61 Revisited." Loving it. Magnificent. Though I'm a bit surprised at the harshness of the lyrics to "Like a Rolling Stone". That's not a feel-good happy little ditty. I don't know what this woman did to him, but Dylan sure is sure grooving on the Schadenfreude.

John responds on The Soundcheck Blog here.