30 Issues: the Ballot

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Thursday, October 14, 2004

In 2002, Congress passed the Help America Vote Act to remedy the disorganization that plagued the 2000 tallying process. Among other things, HAVA calls for provisional ballots to be made available to would-be voters who are turned away. Nevertheless, both parties are preparing to litigate after November 2.

Third Time Lucky

James Fallows, National Correspondent for the Atlantic Monthly, with analysis on the third and final presidential debate
» The Atlantic


30 Issues: The Ballot

E. Mark Braden, attorney at Baker & Hostetler in Washington, says any improvement in voting procedure must be fraud-free
Raj Goyle, Senior Policy Analyst for Domestic Policy at the Center for American Progress, says voting rights must be comprehensively expanded


30 Issues: Taxes

George Bush’s website states that in “three years,” he’s achieved “three tax cuts.” That has become the cornerstone of his administration’s economic achievements. On the stump he promotes his hopes for his next term: the simplification of the tax code and having them become permanent. Will he be able ...


Feedback: Taxes

I am a small businessman--a midtown store-owner--who, post-9/11, has made too little money to worry about taxes. I worry about whether NYC will ever get all the $20 Billion pledged for reconstruction if there's a second term for Bush. I need an employee but am waiting to see what happens ...


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