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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The jury system is supposed to produce verdicts that can be proven “beyond a reasonable doubt”. But a courtroom is not a scientific laboratory, and one former juror who served on an early 1990s homicide trial now believes she and her peers convicted the wrong men. Also, Bush v. Kerry: the media war, Paul Shambroom on his photos of town meetings, and 30 Issues: housing.

Out of Sinclair

Julian Borger US Bureau Chief for the Guardian in Washington says the media war has reached fever pitch
» The Guardian


Jay Rosen Professor of Journalism at New York University and writer of the weblog,


The Big Get Together

Paul Shambroom, photographer and author Meetings (Chris Boot Ltd., 2004), says you can learn a lot by looking at locals through a camera lens
» Paul Shambroom


30 Issues: Beneath the HUD

Andrew Cuomo, former secretary for the Department of Housing and Urban Development under President Clinton, envisions the housing policies of a Kerry administration
» John Kerry's Housing Record (


Howard Husock, Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and author, America's Trillion Dollar Housing ...


"I Never Want to Be on a Jury Again"

Carol Kramer, magazine editor and former juror on the Lemus and Hidalgo, says she regrets her vote to convict David Lemus and Olmado Hidalgo


Abraham G. Gerges, State Supreme Court Justice, editor of The Jurist and former president, New York State Supreme Court Justices Association, ...


30 Issues: Free Trade and Outsourcing

Distinctions over trade policy have been muted between the two presidential candidates, but outsourcing has loomed as an issue in this campaign. The Democrats seemed more to the left on the issue when they spoke poorly of free trade in the primary debates. And since the chairman of President Bush’s Council of Economic Advisors argued in favor of outsourcing earlier this year, the Republicanshas strayed from the topic. This installment of the series looks at the merits of outsourcing and free trade and how each candidate will treat it should they be elected.

Read beyond for an excerpt of the candidate's positions.

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Healthcare Summaries

The Wall Street Journal broke down the ideas behind the Bush health care plan, highlighting the idea of ownership of one's health. To read the article please click here.

The LA Times also attempted to breakdown this very tough subject, and that can be read here.

Note both ...


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