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Monday, October 11, 2004

The new book All the Presidents’ Pets was written by Mo Rocca, the “reporter” who “refused to roll over”. It’s packed with amusing anecdotes about White House quadripeds, from Geroge Washington’s Donkey, Royal Gift, to George W. Bush’s Scottie, Barney. Also, ABC’s Michelle Martin, 30 Issues: would be a better president for New Jersey? And Lisa Belkin on political chitchat at work.

The ABCs of Campaign Politics

Michelle Martin, ABC News Political correspondent, analyzes Friday's debate
» ABC News


Barney and His Predecessors

Mo Rocca, television personality and author, All the Presidents' Pets : The Story of One Reporter Who Refused to Roll Over (Crown, 2004), shares the dirty laundry on all the presidents' pets
» All the President's Pets


30 Issues: Who Would Be Better for New Jersey?

Dick Zimmer President of the Republican Leadership Council and former Congressman (R-NJ-12th District) says Bush would be better for New Jersey


Bill Pascrell, Jr. Congressman (D-NJ-8th District), co-chair of Kerry/Edwards campaign in New Jersey explains why a Kerry presidency would be better for New Jersey ...


Too Close for Comfort

Lisa Belkin Contributing writer for the New York Times on the dangers of talking about politics in a crowded office
» New York Times


30 Issues: Housing

President Bush’s plan for housing is primarily governed by his “ownership society” philosophy, spelled out in last month's convention speech. Meanwhile, the Kerry plan emphasizes affordable rent. But how will either candidate implement their goals? This episode of the 30 Issues series examines the Bush and Kerry policies in housing and the fate of the section 8 program.

Read on for the Democrat’s and Republican’s view and tune in to hear former HUD secretary Andrew Cuomo discuss the Kerry plan while the Manhattan Insitute’s Howard Husock lays out the Bush plan.

In the meantime, please keep the emails coming.


30 Issues: New Jersey

For years New Jersey has been considered a solid blue state, the state legislature is Democratic, the Governor is a Democrat and the two Senators are Democrats. But a funny thing happened a few months ago- George Bush was polling rather competitively in the Garden State. The Republicans feel ...


Feedback- New Jersey

The most telling difference in the Pres candidates was drawn out by you: we have a President who passes a prescription drug benefit which is no real benefit at all except to Pharms who don't have do negotiate with the real payor (the government representing the taxpayer) but instead get ...


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